Pain Management


According to the latest statistics, as many as 80 million American adults have experienced pain lasting more than 24 hours. In the UK, the numbers are similar. Two-fifths of UK adults experience chronic pain. And it affects many millions more around the world.

Pain is a subjective experience, and it is perhaps the most significant factor in causing people to seek medical aid. Treatment of pain as usually viewed by both physician and patient is primarily a matter of elimination or abolition of the sensation.

This hypnotic audio is designed to control body pain, which is very similar to replacement or substitution of sensations, which allows the hypnotic reinterpretation of pain experience. By this is meant reinterpreting for the patient in hypnosis of a dragging, gnawing, heavy pain as a feeling of weakness, of profound inertia, and then as relaxation with the warmth and comfort that accompanies muscular relaxation. Stabbing and biting pains may sometimes be reinterpreted as sudden startle reactions, disturbing in character but momentary and not painful. Throbbing, nagging, grinding pain has been successfully reinterpreted as the unpleasant but not distressing experience of the rolling sensations of a boat during the storm, or even as the throbbing that one so often experiences from a minor cut on the fingertip and of a no greater distressing character.

Hypnosis gives us direct access to the brain. And we can start to reprogram how it responds to stimuli.  We do this by offering the mind positive, helpful suggestions, while in a trance.

Hypnotic suggestions allow us to unseat and remove automatic thoughts, beliefs and patterns of thinking that intensify and force us to think about the pain that we’re feeling.


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