My name is Ruth Allen and I am a qualified Hypno-psychotherapist. I set up my clinic Ruth Allen Hypnotherapy in 2011 and I am currently doing my masters in Evidenced Based Clinical Hypno-psychotherapy and I am a member of the International Register Evidence Based Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapy. I have studied under the Leading Hypno-psychotherapists from around the world.

The audios for sale on this website are tried and tested, scripts that I use everyday at the clinic. They have helped my clients on their journey’s and I hope that they will helpful for you to. I set up this website to help people who perhaps can’t afford to see a hypnotherapist or don’t have the time.

Using the latest hypnotherapy techniques and powerful suggestions The HypnoSpace offers clients a unique experience. All the audios in the collections are designed by the leading Hypno-psychotherapist from around the globe. Giving you the best possible chance in making the change you desire.

My passion for best practice and evidence based hypnotherapy ensures that you are purchasing a top quality product. The audios are scripted to create new neural pathways within the brain using appropriate imagery and language. Making the changes lasting and enjoyable.

I are passionate about the unlimited potential of the subconscious mind. The audios are recorded with this passion in mind, allowing you to unlock the power of your subconscious deeper mind.

Through The HypnoSpace  I am constantly striving to spread the word about just how powerful Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis are. I am constantly upgrading skills and developing new way’s of communicating with the deeper part of self.

I am proud to work in the field of Hypno-psychotherapy and hope that you enjoy listening to your audios and find it easier to make the changes you desire. We all face challenges’ in life and a little help along the way is sometimes all we need.

Wishing you the very best along your journey.

Ruth & The HypnoSpace Team.